A dedication to the Queen!


I wanna talk about an artist who showed me…
You gotta use all your talents to get your point across…so uh
This is a dedication to The Miseducation
Ms. Lauryn Hill…Uh


I was the kid on the second floor
Listening to The Score
The kid in the basement
Bumping "Miseducation"
That's Ms. Lauryn from Orange
She singing, next thing she flowing
I turn the radio on, she gone
This shit is boring
It's blowing me, it's R&B
It's Hip-Hop from wanna-be Australian rappers
OK, now this shit is foreign
We lost our sound
Is it our fault now?
I wish 'Ye could have used your voice on "All Falls Down"
I'm telling you shit is serious
We living in different eras
Where now it's niggas in Paris
And Paris niggas is terrorists
And that shit cray, let the whack shit play
Radio ready or not, I gotta rap this way
On the real, Ms. Hill we gotta get you back
'Cause now Love & Hip-Hop show the world how a Sister Act
When everybody trying to hustle for a status
Is it "Everything is Everything" or "Nothing Even Matters", huh?

Produced by Dunson.
Mixed by Jake Vicious at House Studios, D.C.