Produced by Dunson.

Mixed by Dunson. Asst Mix Engineer: Ryder Ansell for Atom Evolve.



What goes around come around, I’m a need Karma’s Schedule
But first I’m trying to take it to another level x2
(What goes around x3)

Verse 1

I must’ve lived the fast life in my past life
I tried to flirt with Karma, she ain’t trying to act right
She started hating just when I thought I controlled shit
She’s constipated; she’s always bringing up old shit
The say it’s exactly how I’m supposed to feel
Telling myself it’s gonna be worth it, trust me I know it will
But hopping off the Megabus dragging luggage with broken wheels
All the way to the studio starting to feel like overkill
Damn, the life I had arranged, I could’ve had a range
I never needed social media to make my status change
A glimpse into the mind of a scatterbrain
Trapped in the studio, only take breaks for the Dallas game
As far as hours shit, I lost count at “Count On It”
I put my money down on it, none of that shit was counterfeit
Hit the studio, pound a fifth
Crank the speakers up loud as shit
Truth be told, get a hold of that alcohol, I’m an alchemist
Like water to wine and like wine into bourbon
Cause bourbon and beats got me murdering beats
But nervous to speak to my fam
Cause I’m imperfect and they prefer me to preach
Got in touch with myself now I’m the hardest person to reach (Dunson)
Been in airplane mode since Cher played shows
They say my verses too perfect, I should paraphrase those
But I’m a tell my own stories before they narrate those
Shit feels like a glass ceiling with the staircase close
Trust me, I heard your efforts, I just can’t respect it
You Microsoft rappers blew your load, that’s an error message
You switched it up and put your blocks in your bars on your records
But you still dropping L’s, you doing well at Tetris
Save your records, these are Savior records
Nah. Really I’m more spiritual. Lyrical, Maryland Miracle
But still feel the need to pray, flights out of DCA
Look I don’t want the drama, I just need Karma’s ETA


Verse 2
Been living life like controlled chaos
What if I don’t take off, shit got my flow way off
I’m with a bad chick, she trying to take that Dolce off
I said Devil not today and he said no days off
But I can’t slow down time, can’t change the clock’s tempo
And it’s not a Hov album, you can’t play back the intro
I don’t regret the chick from D.C. at El Centro
Nah, that ass was monumental, I’m just mad I lost her info
I cheated on my ex, I know she hates me for it
I’m still doing shit to make up for it
Karma, I won five g’s in Vegas, guess I should thank you for it
So I took it straight to the strip club to pay it forward
Stay out of reach from the chicks I hit on my college streak
Overthinker. Shit, that’s why the project’s not released
Know how to speak and when not to speak, I stayed out the streets
Know Buddhist Monks that got a piece because they not at peace
Assassinate us ‘til we obsolete
Half of the nation didn’t give a fuck until they shot police...
Shit I’m just dropping beats